NaturaeSan™ disinfectant is produced within our own manufacturing plant, right here in the United States. We do this by using organic sea salt and reverse osmosis (RO) water which is ultra-clean. This mixture of organic sea salt and water is then fed into the reactor chamber of our production machine. This chamber is separated into two by a membrane with cathode and anode plates. A high electrical charge is passed through the reactor which ionizes the brine and produces two separate liquids, Anolyte and Catholyte. The Anolyte is a high ORP (1,100mV) neutral pH disinfectant while the Catholyte is a high alkaline (11.7pH) detergent that controls the body's immune response.

We established NaturaeKleen to deliver world-class natural disinfection after chemically-based disinfectants were viewed as harmful in the long term. Using world-leading technology that delivers the highest quality standards throughout the manufacturing process. NaturaeSan™ delivers exactly what was wanted.

Each stage of production is rigorously monitored for both HOCL and water quality.  This ensures that the product will perform to the highest expectations in all sectors. NaturaeSan™ has been completely tested in hospital microbiology departments worldwide, independent laboratories, and shall comply with all necessary certification for both human and animal use in the U.S.

The aim, at the outset, was to provide a safe, effective, and above all a natural product that protects and does no harm. NaturaeSan™ is the result of that aim. All staff has the same mindset and concerns about how chemicals can cause adverse reactions when used.

A natural product such as NaturaeSan™

gets the thumbs

up every time.

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