Equipment Disinfectant

NaturaeSan is a natural solution for equipment cleaning and disinfectant.  It has been found to be an extremely effective treatment for biofilm and can be used for sterilization.  Chemically based cleaners and sanitizers are often harsh and do create problems for the user.


Biofilm Reduction

In recent tests, NaturaeSan was used as a biofilm reduction agent with considerable success.  The test was conducted at a major private hospital and showed that the sinks, baths, and shower drain traps were notorious and problematic areas for the accumulation of bacteria that NaturaeSanTM was able to successfully treated.


Room Sanitizing

NaturaeSan is also effective when used in a fogging system which allowed for the sterilization of the operating theaters.  In both single and multiple occupancy hospital rooms, there was no need to remove the patients from the area to be disinfected, which is an asset for the administrators who are constantly under time constraints and patient management.



Home Applications

NaturaeSan solution is highly effective in destroying bacteria, spores, fungi, viruses, and yeasts/mold around the home.  It can be used as a natural alternative to general chemical disinfectants.  Due to the noon-toxic nature of NaturaeSan, it is ideal as a disinfectant for items and areas such as children’s toys, play areas, kitchen surfaces, floors, and bathrooms.  NaturaeSanTM has been laboratory tested and confirmed to kill 99.99% of germs on contact, without the undesirable chemical ingredients.

Industry and Commercial Applications

NaturaeSan offers a highly effective, natural hygiene application for general commercial uses in controlling pathogens in food manufacturing and catering industries.

Safely Eliminates

NaturaeSan safely eliminates bacteria, spores, fungi, viruses, and yeasts/molds from any commercial application.  Including staphylococcus aureus, E.coli, and COVID-19.

Reduces Cross-Contamination

NaturaeSan reduces the overall microbial bio-load of spoilage organisms, thereby substantially reducing the risk of cross-contamination.



First Aid for Minor Injuries

NaturaeSan is the first line of defense for minor accidents in the home.  Whether it is a cut, bruise, burn or scape, they all respond positive, without any negative reaction to the soothing while killing the germs.  We all have been known to suffer from the reactions of chemical-base disinfectants where NaturaeSan does not sting.


Gentle on Babies

NaturaeSan is the perfect first aid spray for your medicine cabinet.  It is easy and convenient to use and mothers, fathers, children, and babies will just love it.  Even highchairs benefit from the gentle and effective action of NaturaeSan. Even a baby’s skin is safe and can be used during the changing routines.  It is important to have a clean and bacteria free bottom.  It will keep them happier for a lot longer.



Non-Rinse Sanitizer

NaturaeSan has applications in the restaurant’s kitchen as a NON-RINSE sanitizer for produce, meats, poultry, seafood, and all food items and drinks.


Food Contact Surfaces

NaturaeSan is a sanitizer for any food contact surfaces and safely used in place of quats and peroxide based chemicals.


Room and Common Area Fogging Agent

NaturaeSan is safely applied as a fogging agent or as a mister to broadly disinfect rooms and large common areas.


Hand Sanitizer

NaturaeSan is used as a hand sanitizer throughout the establishment.


Potable Water and Pools

NaturaeSan replaces all chlorine used for generating potable water and for both indoor and outside pools.


Safe on Eyes

NaturaeSan is a non-irritant and is safe on eyes and



Disinfecting Rooms and Common Areas

NaturaeSan replaces toxic concentrated chemicals for cleaning and disinfecting school rooms and common areas.


Fogging Agent for Dorm, Hallways, Classrooms, and the Air

NaturaeSan is designed to be applied via foggers to broadly disinfect rooms, dorms, hallways, meeting rooms, and the air.


School Cafeteria

NaturaeSan can be used in the school cafeteria kitchen as a no-rinse sanitizer for the produce, meats, poultry, seafood, and all edibles.  It will safely disinfect and clean all contact surfaces and kitchenware.


Hand Sanitation Dispensers

NaturaeSan can economically and safely be placed throughout the school to be used in dispensers for hand sanitation. 



Kills Bacteria on Contact

NaturaeSan is safe to use with all your pets and animals as it kills bacteria on contact, making it the perfect solution for cleaning their living areas.


Treating Minor Skin Injuries

NaturaeSan is excellent for treating minor skin injuries and is effective against all known bacteria, viruses, and fungi.


Perfect for Their Living Areas

NaturaeSan can be used to treat bedding and can be sprayed directly onto their sleeping areas to refresh and eliminate any bacteria that may reside on the surface.


Sanitize Their Dishes

NaturaeSan is safely and effectively used to clean and sanitize your pets eating areas and their dishes.


Completely Harmless for Horses and Livestock

NaturaeSan is revolutionary health and hygiene product which is transforming equine welfare and treatment.  It is made from a natural antiseptic, disinfectant biocide call hypochlorous acid (HOCl).  HOCl is produce by both human and animal immune systems and is completely harmless to horses, livestock, humans, and the environment.


Cleans and Sanitizes Their Environment

NaturaeSan is It is safe for all animals and has multiple applications in livestock industry. When applied to the livery areas it will maintain, clean, and sanitize the environment. It is applied via hoses or foggers to broadly sanitize a large area. It can be dosed into the water for sterile drinking water.


Protects Them

NaturaeSan is 99.999% effective at killing bacteria, viruses, molds, spores, and fungi.  It is pH neutral material.  As a result, it can be used in stables, bedding, blankets, saddles, tack, and food.


Treats Mud Fever and Viral Infections

NaturaeSan is used to treat mud fever and viral infections.  It is fully compliant with the stringent EU Biocide Regulations and is laboratory tested.



Hypochlorous has been successfully field-tested in partnership with the Royal Veterinary College & University researchers.  It has proven to clean and disinfect critical medical devices and is safe on humans.



Better Than Conventional Liquids

NaturaeSan offers a fogging liquid unlike any current conventional cleaning liquid.


Kills 99.999%

NaturaeSan fogging liquid kills 99.999% of bacteria, fungi, and viruses as tested in qualified laboratories.


Eliminates MRSA, COVID-19, and Much More

When conventional cleaning is not enough the NaturaeSan liquid will eliminate MRSA and COVID-19.  In addition, it kills a large range of additional pathogens.

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